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  • Microsoft Certification
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
  • MCSE: Core Infrastructure + MCSE: Productivity + MCSA: Windows Server 2016 + MCSA: Windows Server 2012
    Mega Package!!!

    Exam Code: 70-410 70-411 70-412 70-743

    AND Choose one of exam: 70-413 70-414 70-744

    ND Choose one of exam: 70-339 70-341 70-342 70-345

    USD$4800 in 6 payments

  • MCSE: Core Infrastructure + MCSA: Windows Server 2016 + MCSA: Windows Server 2012
    Best Package!!!

    Exam Code: 70-410 70-411 70-412 70-743 70-413/70-414

    Exam Code: 70-410 70-411 70-412 70-743

    AND Choose one of exam: 70-413 70-414 70-744

    USD$4000 in 5 payments

  • MCSE: Core Infrastructure + MCSA: Windows Server 2016 OR MCSA: Windows Server 2012
    Best Package!!!

    Exam Code: 70-740 70-741 70-742 OR 70-410 70-411 70-412

    AND Choose one of exam: 70-413 70-414 70-744

    USD$3200 in 4 payments

  • MCSE: Productivity + MCSA: Windows Server 2016 + MCSA: Windows Server 2012
    Exam Code: 70-410 70-411 70-412 70-743

    AND Choose one of exam: 70-339 70-341 70-342 70-345

    USD$4000 in 5 payments

  • MCSE: Productivity + MCSA: Windows Server 2016 OR MCSA: Windows Server 2012
    Exam Code: 70-740 70-741 70-742 OR 70-410 70-411 70-412

    AND Choose one of exam: 70-339 70-341 70-342 70-345

    USD$3200 in 4 payments

Official Links : http://www.microsoft.com/learning
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What do you need to know about MCSE Certification

What is MCSE?

Microsoft has a rich choice of certifications, but one of the best you can have is the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert). There are plenty of benefits to getting this certification, including boosting your career progression and your earning potential.

What MCSE Training Gets You

The MCSE certification training actually covers various areas of expertise. With our services you don’t need to take training but You could take up any of the specialties offered under this course for your own MCSE practice.

What’s the difference MCSE vs MCSA?

MCSE which stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and MCSA which stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, MCSE is the Expert level and MCSA is associate level, MCSA requirement is higher than MCSA, which MCSE salary is up to $105,519(2017) and MCSA salary is up to $90,707(2017)

For instance, you could master working with Microsoft-based business applications, get the skills to build and run cloud platforms and infrastructure or learn how you can move your company to the cloud, master data management skills, and even validate your device management skills.

The MCSE certification currently being offered was introduced in September 2016. The previous certification was retired in 2017. Fortunately, with MCSE 2016 certification, there will be no necessity to re-earn the certification after it expires.

All you have to do is to an exam from the existing list of electives and you can prove to your potential and current employers that you are up to date on skills necessary to perform the job under the current technological environment.

Why Get the Microsoft MCSE 2016 Certification?

Yes, you might have the skills that this certification might eventually give you. However, your employers might have no way of knowing that. They cannot just take you at your word. That is one of the things this certification can do for you.

Even if you are currently working in a position that this certification would qualify you for, an employer who realizes that you have acquired this credential is more likely to single you out for promotion over other employees without the qualification.

For instance, cloud computing is quite big today, and many IT professionals are in a position to handle some tasks related to this IT sector. However, you can prove your ability to build innovative cloud and on-premises solutions by getting the MCSE certification.

Quite simply MCSE cloud platform and infrastructure skills are in high demand today, and that should translate into a better salary for those with the foresight to work on getting this certification right now.

MCSE Salary 2019

Getting an MCSE should result in a significant boost in your salary. On average, regardless of your MCSE area of specialization, you will end up getting a salary increase of around $90,000.

Some IT specialists in this sector, without this certification, tend to average less than $60,000 a year. The best part is that if your salary was already at these levels before the certifications, it can only grow further after you acquire it.

We also have the ability to pass your MCSE productivity and MCSE data management and analytics and MCSE mobility in our only in 5 days, completely a stress-free solution.

There are some exams which have been currently expired from Microsoft database such as MCSE core infrastructure

How are MCSE 2016 Exams?

Obviously, being a professional certification, the MCSE often features exam questions that might be unfamiliar even to experts in the field. Microsoft changes the question over time based on the technological changes happening in the industry.

This has discouraged most test takers, as it increases the risk of failing the exams or makes the workload seem too daunting for many. But this exam is worth taking, and there are people who are continuing to see their careers grow considerably after acquiring this certification.

The MCSE 2016 Cost

The MCSE 2016 certification consists of three to five exams. The cost per exam varies based on your area of specialty. But on average, each attempt costs over $100 USD. Considering what this certification can do for your career, this is a small price to pay. But still, you should ensure you get real value for your money by passing the mcse exam the first time you give it a try.

How to Get the MCSE Certification Fast

You probably know this – no good thing comes easy. The same goes for the MCSE 2012 certification. You have to pass a fairly tough exam to get this certification. With a busy schedule this might prove more daunting than you might think.

Fortunately, this is something we can help you with. So, do not let the demands of preparing for this great exam keep you from acquiring a qualification that could take your career to the next level.

Obviously, you should try to pass this exam the first time round to save yourself precious time, money, and effort. Additionally, getting the qualification as soon as you can, will set you on the path towards becoming a better-paid employee in your choice area of specialization.

So, have us help you get the MCSE certification today. Our MCSE Certification costs are very friendly, and we have a track record of helping people interested in this certification pass their exams and grow their career.

Few things could be as useful for you as getting an MCSE certification if you want to prove your competency as an expert in cloud platform infrastructure, MCSE Server infrastructure, data management and analytics, and ability to work with business analytics.

We make getting this credential easy for you through our MCSE exam preparation services.

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Price List for Certification Programs


Fast-track Your IT Career with a IT Certification from MCSECertification.org

It is one thing to have a background in IT or information security and another to make your expertise work for you. In a world where employers are keen on papers, you can easily market yourself with the right IT certification. If you are looking for way to do this, your best option is MCSECertification.org.

Why MCSECertification.org?

IT is a marketable profession, but sadly, not everyone with such qualifications gets the job of their dreams. MCSECertification.org makes it easy for IT professionals to do exactly this. All you have to do is get in touch with the professionals for your certification.

Apart from being a legitimate and legal source of IT certification, MCSECertification.org makes the process really simple. The company has been helping professionals for many years now. They understand how busy your schedule may be and sitting an exam may be the last thing on your mind. In order to help you get your certification with ease, a certified and professional IT expert will sit the exam on your behalf.

How Does it Work?

In order to get your IT certification, you need to choose the exam you would like to sit for. Depending on the type of certification, you will be required to make your payment before the certificate is ordered. The good news is that with MCSECertification.org you can take advantage of affordable packages. Ordering your certificate does not take long after the exam is taken. In fact, you should be able to receive your IT certificate in a matter of days!

Contact the Pros Today!

Finding your dream job comes with a few strategic steps. One of them is obtaining the right qualifications for the job. Getting a recognised IT certification from a legitimate provider will definitely set you on the right path in your IT career. If you have any questions on how the MCSECertification.org works or looking to work with us, do not hesitate to contact the professionals.

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